Massage Therapy
Aromatherapy plus European Massage
50 minutes/$95
Deep Tissue Back Massage
30 minutes/$80
Deep Tissue Full Body
50 minutes/$100
European Massage
50 minutes/$85
Extended European massage
80 minutes/$125
Upper body European Massage
30 minutes/$67
Fibromyalgia Massage
50 minutes/$85
Maternity Massage
50 minutes/$85
30 minutes/$55
Scalp Massage
15 minutes/$27
Foot Massage
15 minutes/$27
Warm Stone Massage
50 minutes/$110
Warm Stone Massage (Extended)
80 minutes/$160
Couples European Massage
50 minutes/$170
Couples European Massage (Upper Body)
30 minutes/$129
Body Soaks
Galleria Soak w/out other Services
20-30 minutes/$30
Galleria Soak with Additional Services
15-20 minutes/$25
Herbal Detox Soak w/out other Services
25 minutes/$50
Herbal Detox Soak with Additional Services
25 minutes/$45
Jacuzzi Soak w/out other Services
20 minutes/$50
Jacuzzi Soak with Additional Services
20 minutes/$45
Mud Soak w/out other Services
20-30 minutes/$40
Mud Soak with Additional Services
20 minutes/$35
hair services  hair services

Full Body Treatments
Artic Algae Wrap
100% pure algae farmed in the Artic Ocean. It detoxifies and stimulates the skin while it deeply relaxes the senses. Excellent for most skin types (NOT recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, thyroid or diabetics) 55 minutes/$125.00, intensify with steam $155.
Aromatic Moroccan Mud Treatment
Extreme relaxation is the result of this aromatic treatment. Aromatic Moroccan Mud is a powerful therapy for arthritis pain, rheumatism, sports injuries and tired leg syndrome. 55 minutes/$120, intensify with steam $140.
Green Coffee Cellulite Treatment
A new holistic treatment that combines green coffee with other cellulite fighting ingredients to deeply stimulate blood circulation, and bring oxygen to sluggish tissues. This treatment rids the skin of toxic accumulations and restores firmness and hydration to the skin. 55 minutes/$135.
Full Body Paraffin with Spa Shower
Enjoy a gentle exfoliation and a Spa Shower followed by a full body Paraffin wrap which cocoons your body in warmth. This wonderful treatment will rejuvenate dull, rough skin. 55 minutes/$130.
Salt Glow Express
For those “On the Go with little time. Full Body exfoliation includes a spa shower and light hydration. 25 minutes/$65.
Salt Glow Souffle
Full body pampering. Exfoliates dry rough skin followed by a Swedish shower and then relax with warm body oils for hydrating thirsty skin. 50 minutes/$90.
Marine Botanical Seaweed Wrap
Your body will be dry brushed to stimulate circulation and to help exfoliate. Marine botanicals are painted on the body and wrapped for 20 minutes. After a relaxing spa shower your body is completely hydrated. This detoxifying treatment leaves skin smooth and toned. $120, intensify with steam $140.
Herbal detox wrap
55 minutes/$110.
Steam tent/spa shower
Steam alone - 30 minutes/$80.   Aloe treatment - 55 minutes/$120.   Seaweed with steam - 55 minutes/$140.

Peels and Specialties
Pumice Peel Manual Microdermabrasion
Peels away dull, dead skin cells, abrade uneven skin and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines. This is a skin resurfacing treatment which includes a customized Bio-Elements® mask to infuse nutrients into your newly polished complexion. 55 minutes/$100.
Blueberry Peel
The “blue in the blueberries contain potent OPC’s and collagen boosting properties. This powerful treatment helps restore firmness to the skin. It is 100% natural blueberry puree blended with Alphahydroxies followed with Red Wine Spritzer and a deep moisturizer to calm the skin. 50 minutes/$110.
Express Blueberry Peel
Same as Blueberry Peel without extraction or massage. $85.
Light Plex Facial
This facial helps with dark spots - dramatic results. $100
Back Cleansing Treatment
This treatment deeps cleans, exfoliates and hydrates with warm paraffin. This treatment is great for dry, itchy skin. 55 minutes/$90.
Eye Mask Treatments
This cooling depuffing Bio-Elements® mask helps refine, brighten and smooth away dry, crinkly skin around the eyes while restoring a youthful appearance. This is a great treatment to give you that fresh look for that special occasion. Soothing 15 minutes/$32.  Anit-Aging 15 minutes/$42.
Dash in Peel
Short on time, this peel packs a powerful punch. 15 minutes/$65