Massage Therapy
Aromatherapy Massage
50 minutes/$98
Aromatherapy Massage (Extended)
80 minutes/$143
Deep Tissue Back Massage
30 minutes/$83
Deep Tissue Full Body Massage
50 minutes/$103
Deep Tissue Full Body Massage (Extended)
80 minutes/$140
European Massage (Upper body)
30 minutes/$70
European Massage
50 minutes/$88
European Massage (Extended)
80 minutes/$128
Fibromyalgia Massage
50 minutes/$88
Maternity Massage
50 minutes/$88
30 minutes/$57
Scalp Massage
15 minutes/$27
Hand or Foot Massage
15 minutes/$27
Warm Stone Massage
50 minutes/$115
Warm Stone Massage (Extended)
80 minutes/$165
Couples European Massage (Upper Body)
30 minutes/$140
Couples European Massage
50 minutes/$176
Couples European Massage (Extended)
80 minutes/$254
Body Soaks
Galleria Soak w/out other Services
20-30 minutes/$30
Galleria Soak with Additional Services
15-20 minutes/$25
Herbal Detox Soak w/out other Services
25 minutes/$50
Herbal Detox Soak with Additional Services
25 minutes/$45
Jacuzzi Soak w/out other Services
20 minutes/$40
Jacuzzi Soak with Additional Services
20 minutes/$35
Mud Soak w/out other Services
20-30 minutes/$40
Mud Soak with Additional Services
20 minutes/$35
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Full Body Treatments
Desert Heat Body Wrap
Experience this warm, soothing, bubbling wrap formulated to relieve fatigue and stress. Delivering nature's riches in Red Seawood and mineralizing golden desert mud enriched with cooper, magnesium and zinc. Helps with rheumatism and tired leg syndrome. $135
Peppermint Sea Twist
The Sea Twist combines peppermint oil with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify the skin. This slimming body treatment helps contour and firm the body making it great for cellulite. $135
Green Coffee Cellulite Treatment
A new holistic treatment that combines green coffee with other cellulite fighting ingredients to deeply stimulate blood circulation, and bring oxygen to sluggish tissues. This treatment rids the skin of toxic accumulations and restores firmness and hydration to the skin. $135.
Full Body Paraffin with Spa Shower
Enjoy a gentle exfoliation and a spa shower followed by a full body paraffin wrap which cocoons your body in warmth. This wonderful treatment will rejuvenate dull, rough skin. $135.
Body Polish Express Treatment
This is a 25 minute express exfoliation treatment, shower and light hydration $70
Full Body Polish Treatment
Gently rejuvinate rough thirsty skin, following this wonder treatment a spa shower and hydration with warm oils. $90
Herbal detox wrap
This wrap will aide in drawing impurities out of the skin naturally and contains minerals useful for healthy skin. Helps reduce swelling, draw out toxins while absorbing these helpful ingredients. $115

BODY WRAPS are not recommended for pregnant or nursing guests.